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Morehead Hill
Durham, North Carolina

Morehead Hill scene 

Welcome to Morehead Hill, a historic residential neighborhood located just south of downtown Durham, North Carolina. 


Please be advised of the upcoming Durham Planning Commission public hearing items:


TC17000001 – Omnibus Text Amendments 10: A text amendment consisting of technical revisions and minor policy changes to various provisions of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). The amendments are identified as necessary corrections, clarifications, re-organization, or other minor changes to more accurately comply with the intent of the regulations,  codify interpretations of regulations, or reflect minor policy changes and are not solely technical in nature.

X1000003 – Holloway Street Local Historic District Overlay Expansion and Preservation Plan Amendment: A petition to expand the Holloway Street Local Historic District zoning overlay, including the area currently within the 2009 National Register District expansion, additional properties for consideration, and proposed removal of the designation at 208 N. Elizabeth Street. The proposal also includes corresponding amendments to the Cleveland Street and Holloway Street Local Historic District Preservation Plan. The proposed expansion generally encompasses an area north of the existing Holloway Street local historic district, including properties along North Queen Street to the west, North Elizabeth Street to the east, and Mallard Street to the north.


The Durham Planning Commission will hold the public hearings on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at 101 City Hall Plaza, 1st Floor. 


Agenda materials will be available online by April 27, 2017. The text of the proposed text amendment may be viewed at  Information regarding the Holloway Street Historic District Expansion may be viewed at  Interested parties may appear and speak at the public hearing. Substantial changes to the proposed action may be made following the public hearing. For more information please contact Michael Stock, 560-4137 x28227;


Notice Under the Americans with Disabilities Act - A person with a disability may receive an auxiliary aid or service to effectively participate in City government activities by contacting the ADA Coordinator, voice 919-560-4197, fax 560-4196, TTY 919-560-1200, or, as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours before the event or deadline date.


Upcoming events:

What: Morehead Hill Spring Potluck    
Meet your neighbors, hear the latest neighborhood news, turn in your dues, have your say about issues affecting the neighborhood

When: Sunday, May 23, 2017  
- 7pm


Orchar Park Picnic shelter
1000 S Duke St., Durham NC 

For more events, try Indyweek.comNC Events, or the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau's Things to See and Do page

Old News:

Potluck Held, MHNA Board of Directors Re-elected

On Sunday, October 9, 2016, the Morehead Hill Neighborhood Association (MHNA) hosted a potluck dinner for the neighborhood. In addition to sharing food and meeting our neighbors, we conducted our annual MHNA meeting/election and held a lively discssion about the pros and cons of our Historic District. We got an update from our Treasurer and from each of the four committees (a/k/a work groups), covering Traffic & Transportation; Social Events; Historic Preservation & Planning; and Environmental issues.

For those of you who missed the meeting: there were no new nominations for the board of directors this year (despite our best efforts). All those currently serving on the BoD graciously agreed to serve for another year and were duly re-elected.  As always, anybody in the neighborhood who is interested in serving on the board and/or a committtee is welcome (and encouraged) to contact us at any time. For details, refer to our Morehead Hill Neighborhood Association (MHNA) page on this site.

Did you know...?

Starting September 14, 2016 dog owners who do not clean up after their animals can be fined $50-$150. This law applies to any public property, public right-of-way, or private property without the permission of a private property owner.


This ordinance does not apply to a guide dog, service dog, or hearing dog accompanying any person with a disability.


FAQ's About the New Law

When does the new ordinance go into effect?


The new ordinance was passed by the Board of County Commissioners on March 7, 2016.  The Board declared an educational period until September 14, 2016, at which time enforcement may begin on this ordinance.


Who can enforce this new ordinance?


As this ordinance is a non-criminal offense, the only enforcement action can be administered by the Durham County Sheriff’s Office.


What are the fines associated with this ordinance?


The fines will fall within the guidelines established under Article I, Sec. 4-9 which are as follows:


A civil penalty of $50.00 shall be assessed for the first violation.

A civil penalty of $100.00 shall be assessed for the second violation.

A civil penalty of $150.00 shall be assess for habitual violations.

Who do I call to report a violation of this ordinance?


Call the Durham County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center at 919-560-0900.


What is the criteria needed to prove a violation of this ordinance?


The determination of whether there’s a violation of the ordinance is at the discretion of the deputy who responds to the call for service. The decision of whether a violation has occurred, and whether there is sufficient evidence to identify the responsible party is determined on a case-by-case basis following an evaluation of all of the facts available.


What options do I have to refute a civil penalty?


A civil penalty can only be appealed during the process for collecting it.


Where do you pay a civil penalty?


There are two options for paying a civil penalty:


You can pay the civil penalty to Durham County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Division located at 3005 Glenn Road, Durham, NC 27704

Or you can go to the Durham County Tax Collector located at 200 East Main Street, Durham, NC 27701.


For more information, please visit:

For other upcoming events in and around the neighborhood, check our own Events page, and try NC Events or the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau's Things to See and Do page

Get your pets FIXED for $20 OR LESS!!

AnimalKind helps low-income residents of Durham County with the cost of getting their cats and dogs fixed!

Visit their website at for details on qualifying for THE $20 FIX or call 919.870.1660.


Don’t qualify?  Visit for a list of reduced cost spay/neuter resources in your area or call the SpayNC Helpline at 1 888-NC-FIX-EM (1-888-623-4936).


This web site is sponsored by the Morehead Hill Neighborhood Association (MHNA), a not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to the betterment of the neighborhood and its quality of life for all residents.