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Morehead Hill
Durham, North Carolina

Morehead Hill scene 

Welcome to Morehead Hill, a historic residential neighborhood located just south of downtown Durham, North Carolina.

For those who were unable to join us on Sunday Sept. 13th at the Members' Meeting (see Minutes, below), we'd still love to hear from you. We encourage you to share your views on Morehead Hill as a neighborhood and thoughts on the priorities for the Morehead Hill Neighborhood Association. Please send your comments and questions anytime to Thank you!

Upcoming events:

PAC3 Candidates Forum Oct. 10 2015
Ask the Candidate! The forum will include a question /answer session of the candidates. Please submit your question here:

What: MHNA Potluck & Board Election
Meet & eat with your neighbors, participate in the MHNA board of directors election, have your say, etc.  

Stay tuned for details
When: Sunday, October 18, 2015  (rain date: Sunday, Oct. 25)
Where: Orchard Park picnic shelter
1000 S Duke St
Durham NC 27707  

What: Morehead Hill "Big Sweep"   
It's time for us to pitch in and help clean up the mess at the headwaters of our own Third Fork Creek, starting from the parking lot behind Henderson Tower. Keep Durham Beautiful will provide gloves, bags and grabbers. Wearing long pants and shirts is advisable. It would help to know how many folks are planning to help out, so if you plan to come out please send a brief email to  

Saturday, October 31, 2015 - 9am

Where: We will meet in the parking lot behind JJ Henderson Housing Center (a/k/a Henderson Tower)
807 S Duke St
Durham NC 27707 

Minutes: Morehead Hill Neighborhood Association
Members’ Meeting 

 Sunday, September 13, 2015, 3-5pm
Greystone Inn & Conference Center


1.    Introduction & agenda review


Bruce Mitchell, MHNA President, briefly introduced the board members and guests present and reviewed the agenda for the meeting.  


2.    Morehead Hill History Grove update


Sandy Ogburn provided an update on volunteer efforts to design and install a Morehead Hill History Grove in Orchard Park to honor George & Mary Pyne, in cooperation with the MHNA and the Durham Museum of History. See attached report (MH History Grove update Sept 13 2015.PDF). For more information about History Groves, refer to


In addition to Sandy’s report, there was a brief group discussion about the role George Pyne played in the establishment of Orchard Park (formerly part of the Hill estate) and in the founding of the Morehead Hill Neighborhood Association.


3.    Durham Co-op Market update


Laura Pyatt, Marketing Manager for the Durham Co-op Market (DCM) provided an update on the Market, which has been open for over six months now and is thriving. DCM is seeking input from Morehead Hill residents (and others) on product selection and related matters. The DCM conference room is available for use by non-profit organizations during store hours; contact Laura for details and scheduling. DCM is also recruiting candidates for their Board of Directors (see Saturday, Sept. 19th is “Neighbor Day” at DCM, with live music, face painting, $3 local hot dogs, and more; for details see


4.    MHNA overview


Bruce gave a brief overview of MHNA, its relationship to the neighborhood, its structure, and how it operates under the by-laws (which are available in the Files section of our moreheadhill Yahoo Group). The roles of various Board of Director members were also covered, and how MHNA interacts with other organizations, such as Inter-Neighborhood Council (INC), and Partners Against Crime District 3 (PAC3). See attached summary (Morehead Hill Partner Organizations.PDF). We also discussed briefly the MHNA’s role in Kent Corner and other developments in and around the neighborhood.


5.    Improving the MHNA


Board Member & INC Delegate, Rochelle Araujo, led this interactive session, in which attending members engaged in an exercise that involved affixing ‘dots’ and Post-It notes to several flipcharts that Rochelle prepared in advance, indicating preferences and priorities on various topics of interest to the neighborhood and the MHNA, followed by brief group discussion of those topics. Rochelle will develop an online survey reflecting what was on the flipcharts so that those who could not attend this meeting can participate that way. Links to the online survey will be posted on the web site, on our Facebook page, and will be sent out on the listserv. The survey will be available for 10 days. Rochelle will develop a report based on the results from the meeting and online survey in time for our MHNA Potluck & BoD election meeting in October.


6.    Event planning: MHNA Fall Potluck & election + nominations


The Fall Potluck & BoD election meeting is scheduled for Sunday, October 18, 2015. We have not yet finalized the time or location (we usually hold it in Orchard Park at 4-7pm). We’ll be posting the info the listserv, website, and Facebook page, and distributing printed flyers to the neighborhood. The floor was opened for nominations for all ten Board of Directors seats. To date, none have been submitted via e-mail, and none were offered by the assembled members at the meeting. Bruce nominated several of the current BoD members who are willing to serve again, and he was nominated for President again. We will post further appeals for nominations on the listserv, website, and Facebook page, and will post information about nominees there as that information becomes available, prior to the Potluck/election meeting.


7.    Have your say


Rochelle Araujo spoke about traffic issues in the neighborhood, focusing in particular on the dangerous speeding and frequent accidents near the intersection of Vickers & Lakewood. Some members have signed up to participate in focused efforts to address that and related traffic issues. More info to come via the usual communications channels.


Gary Ander is organizing a clean-up effort to coincide with the city-wide Big Sweep Day on Saturday October 3rd. Efforts this time will focus on the area behind Henderson Towers, the headwaters of Third Fork Creek, which is a mess. We won’t go into the creek itself because there is poison ivy, critters, etc., but we will tackle that in the Spring. Neighbors are encouraged to join in and bring the family. Many hands make light work, so come on out in the morning on Saturday October 3rd to help make Morehead Hill a cleaner, better neighborhood.  More info to come via the usual communications channels.


Milo Pyne kindly offered free persimmons to anyone who wants some when you see burlap laid out under the persimmon trees in his front yard. He also encouraged everyone to participate in the upcoming municipal elections. A primary will take place on Tuesday, October 6th. The mayoral and city council elections occur on Tuesday, November 3rd. For more info:



Alice Hershberger spoke briefly about her renovated home and recent move to the neighborhood.

For upcoming events in and around the neighborhood, check our own Events page, and try NC Events or the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau's Things to See and Do page

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This web site is sponsored by the Morehead Hill Neighborhood Association (MHNA), a not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to the betterment of the neighborhood and its quality of life for all residents.